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Who will the proceeds from the sale of the coffee go to?

Every month we will obtain financial means from the sale of Ethiopian coffee beans for a different foundation.

23.7. - 22.8. ALSA
23.8 - 22.9. Pink Bubble
23.9 - 22.10. Kapka Naděje
23.10. - 22.11. The Tap Tap
23.11. - 22.12. Klub Cystické Fibrózy
23.12. - 22.1. Nadační Fond Veroniky Kašákové
How will the finances be distributed?

We will be using the money collected exclusively to cover our production costs, with all profit being donated to the selected foundations. The price of 399 CZK for one pack of coffee includes a contribution of 110 CZK which will go automatically to the given foundations. You can increase your gift still further by any amount you wish.

Can I support the project in a different way other than by buying coffee?

Even if you are not a coffee lover, you can still support the individual foundations by sending a financial gift directly to their transparent accounts. We are also preparing an auction of a limited collection of clothing.

Where does the coffee come from?

The coffee beans come from Ethiopia, specifically from the Wonsho Dalle processing plant in the Sidamo area. The harvest from the local plantations is among the most sought-after coffee in the world.

Where is the coffee roasted?

The coffee is roasted for us by the legendary roasting plant Fiftybeans in Brno every Tuesday and Wednesday. You will receive a truly fresh pack.

Can I join in and come up with my own idea?

Yes! We will be delighted if you contact us with your own project that we can support.

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